A plumbing service you can trust

There are lots of plumbers out there - but can you always rely on their credentials? Value for money comes from getting a skilled service you can trust.

If you've tried DIY plumbing, you'll know its one thing to tighten a leaking tap, but complex plumbing requires knowledge and aptitude.

You only want to make one phone call and KNOW that you'll get your plumbing problems fixed, ideally in one visit, without any flimsy 'I'll be back later on' excuses you get from unprofessional outfits.

Heating systems can be complex, and we will never recommend 'quick fixes' if this could impacts on your safety. On the flip side, we don't believe in hard selling upgrades when you don't require them. Our customers would rather receive professional, objective advice for a service they can trust.

We offer a full range of Gas Safe accredited plumbing and heating services covering 24 hour emergencies, maintenance and installations. Call us today.

Shower systems we install include:

Thermostatic showers: These work from the hot and cold supplies, a mixer valve will blend the incoming water to the required temperature.

Integral power showers:
The mixer valve and booster pump are incorporated into one unit.

Manual shower mixers: These showers mix the hot and cold water but are not thermostatically controlled.

Booster pumps: To make your shower a truly invigorating experience showers can be enhanced with an additional pump.

Electric showers: These showers work from the mains cold water supply, heating the water instantly to the required temperature. These can be beneficial as they eliminate the need for stored hot water.

Get a proper shower
experience - call FlexiFlame
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