Powerflushing purity

Internal corrosion, rust, sludge and scale deposits: the insidious quartet of problems that can affect radiators and pipes. Don't wait for your whole central heating system to pack up before cleansing your radiators.

We drain all or part of your system to enable a replacement part to be fitted. After carrying out the repair we will refill and test your system’s full operation to make sure no airlocks or poor circulation occur.

Our advanced Cleanflow powerflushing solution provides a highly effective treatment by thoroughly purging your system. It improves circulation of hot water through your pipes, ensuring your radiators are set for optimum performance. By replacing the existing aggressive water with our clean, chemically treated alternative, your system will be free of contaminents and filled with clean water, chemically treated to prevent future problems.

Radiators brands we can install include Stelrad, Myson, Quinn and Barlo - when it comes to servicing we work with all brands. Call FlexiFlame today for a free quote.

Cold radiators? Ask us about
our low cost powerflushing
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Are you experiencing these radiator problems?

  • Is your system slow to warm up?
  • Are some radiators completely or partially cold?
  • Do your radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Dirty and discoloured radiator water?
  • Radiators with pin hole perforations and leakages?
  • Kettling noises from the boiler?
  • Repeated pump failure?

How Cleanflow powerflushing works:

  • Cures flow and circulation problems
  • Restores system efficiency
  • Restores heat output to radiators
  • Cleans the whole system, including underfloor pipework
  • Removes aggressive water
  • Cures or prevents boiler noise
  • More effective than traditional flushing methods

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